Tuolumne County Sheriff & President

David Vasquez - Sheriff
David Vasquez - Sheriff

Mother’s Day Weekend is upon us and it feels like Spring. This is a time to celebrate new beginnings and our rich history. Every year our community comes together for this time-honored tradition of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse’s Mother Lode Round-Up, in Historic Tuolumne County.
The Mother Lode Round-Up kicks off with the Round-Up parade followed by two days of rodeo events from, mutton busting to bull riding and everything in between. This is an exciting weekend the whole family can saddle up for, a true Tuolumne County tradition!
There is no greater feeling than the opening ceremony when Old Glory is thundering through the arena and our community stands together, united, to honor our American tradition of freedom and liberty. From the first note to the last note of our National Anthem, I am constantly reminded that freedom is not free and how grateful I am to belong to this community and serve as your Sheriff; a Sheriff for the people of Tuolumne County!
The Mother Lode Round-Up experience is made possible by the support of our beloved community, from our local businesses and tribal partners to all invested organizations. My sincerest gratitude to the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse for organizing, sponsoring, and ensuring our Round-Up tradition carries on. In addition to facilitating the Round-Up, the Sheriff’s Posse invests in our local youth by providing scholarships to high school students and our Rodeo Queen contestants. I am proud of the Sheriff’s Posse and honored to serve with them.
This year will mark my first Mother Lode Round-Up as your Sheriff and I remain faithful to our shared vision of preserving the Round-Up tradition: it is an honor to serve Tuolumne County. I am especially grateful for my staff, the deputies and support staff of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office. Our dedication and actions are guided by the continuous support we receive from our shared community.
We are honored to serve and be with you for this year’s 65th Annual Round-Up!

David L. Vasquez

General Chairman

Mike Suess
Mike Suess


Jim Rodgers - Captain
Jim Rodgers - Captain

On behalf of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse, I’d like to welcome you all to the 65th annual Motherlode Roundup! This internationally acclaimed event is steeped in tradition, highlighting the ranching heritage of our beautiful Tuolumne County.

It is my humble honor to have been selected to serve as the Captain of the Sheriff’s Posse for the second time. My, how things have changed in the last 18 years! Once again, I’m proud of the men of the Sheriff’s Posse and their wives for the hard work and dedication they continue to show for this event.

I would like to give recognition to our sponsors, ALL of them. We couldn’t do this without you.

In closing, I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, especially my wife, Laura, (1979 MLRU Queen). You are an inspiration and you’re what makes this all worthwhile. Now, let’s enjoy this weekend with some PRO RODEO.

Let’ er Buck!

Jim Rodgers, Captain
Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse


1948 V.W. Bill West
1949 Bill Fahey
1950 Norman Ellinwood
1951 Louis Price
1952 Ray Sanguinetti
1953 Garland Hennington
1954 Bob Patton
1955 Earl Caplinger
1956 Marion Sanguinetti
1957 Newell Dilbeck

Beginning of Mother Lode Round-Up

1958 Gene Hawke
1959 Ed McMahon
1960 Richard Bill West
1961 Warne Keagy
1962 Millard McMahon
1963 Bob Lewis
1964 Dean Thulin

1965 Ed Popke
1966 Bill Johnson
1967 Jack Kammerschen
1968 Jim Opie
1969 John Kelley
1970 Ray Cholez
1971 Art Royce
1972 Ray Sardella
1973 Tom Fraser
1974 Jay Martin
1975 Paul Castle
1976 Wally Waddelow
1977 Bob Anderson
1978 Doug Wivell
1979 Joe Stafford
1980 Bob McDow
1981 Mel Townsend
1982 Ken Wivell
1983 John Ostrom

1984 Bill Sanguinetti
1985 Bill Kile
1986 Jerry Keith
1987 Mike Johnson
1988 Dave Fraser, Sr.
1989 George Durnall
1990 John Reibin
1991 Bob Brennan
1992 Joe Phillips
1993 Steve Gray
1994 Mark Banks
1995 Art Bryson
1996 Michael Shaffer
1997 Ernie Marino
1998 Bob Riede
1999 Warren Van Bolt
2000 Ty Wivell
2001 Randy Williams
2002 Vern Gerdau
2003 John Egger

2004 Jim Earll
2005 Steve Zelinsky
2006 Jim Rodgers
2007 Audie Archer
2008 Jim Campidonica
2009 Dan Durnall
2010 Al O’Brien
2011 Curt Flores
2012 Todd Wivell
2013 Tim Orpurt
2014 Ron Stearns
2015 Jim Opie
2016 Rich Kirchner
2017 Tom Hudson
2018 Steve Oliveira
2019 Mike Suess
2020 Gary Howell
2021 Rudge Wynn
2022 Rudge Wynn
2023 Van Pender

Grand Marshall

Donnie Wright
Donnie Wright

Donnie Wright, from a Fourth generation Gold Rush family, started work at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station at 8 years old. He worked for Frank Kurzi.

As a downtown business owner for 50 years, Donnie was well known to all. His many customers will attest to his joke telling skills, keeping everyone around him laughing. His son, Jon, continues the business, now known as Wrights Tire.

Donnie also ran cattle for most of his life and is an avid horseman, golfer, and fly fisherman. He is a past member of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse and a Veteran of Foreign Wars.

Phyllis and Donnie have been married for over 67 years and continue to live in downtown Sonora. They also enjoy spending time at their cabin in Kennedy Meadows with their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Donnie appreciates the honor of being selected as the 2024 Grand Marshall and looks forward to leading the parade on May 11th.

Past Grand Marshals

1958 Eddie Webb
1959 Alan Cranston
1960 Scott Brady
1961 Wild Bill Elliot
1962 Marshal J
1963 Marshal J & Smiley Burnett
1964 John Shelley, Mayor of San Francisco
1965 Frank Momyer
1966 Chief Richard Fuller
1967 Fred Leighton
1968 Henry D. Sanguinetti
1969 Julius Verkukl
1970 Ed Burgson
1971 Reno Sardella
1972 Joe Martin, Sr.

1973 Pat Egan
1974 Joe Ghiorso
1975 Bill West
1976 Lottie Pedro & Slim Pickens, Honorary
1977 Lurene Kurzi
1978 Tom Marshall
1979 Garland Hennington
1980 Ray Cholez
1981 Artie Scruggs
1982 Ray Sanguinetti
1983 Miller Sardella
1984 Dee Burks
1985 lrving Symons
1986 Bill Fahey
1987 Alberta Landes
1988 Patty White

1989 Bob Ingalls
1990 Gerald Engler
1991 Casey Bonavia
1992 Frank Salel
1993 Bill Johnson
1994 Joe Stafford
1995 Jim Opie
1996 Mel Townsend
1997 Otis Rosasco
1998 Marion Sanguinetti
1999 John E. Kelley & George Pitts
2000 Ron Stearn
2001 Fred Cavagnaro
2002 Milton “Punny” Dambacher
2003 Joe Martin
2004 Tom Frasier, III
2005 Ty Wivell

2006 Paul Castle
2007 The Shady Ladies
2008 Kenneth R. Wivell
2009 John Ostrom
20 10 Bill Kile
2011 Joe Phillips
2012 Bill Sanguinetti
2013 Patricia Brunet Brooks
2014 George Durnall
2015 Mike Shaffer
2016 Vern Gerdau
2017 John Egger
2018 Al O’Brien
2019 Zane Orr
2020 Steve Zelinsky
2021-22 Bob Brennan
2023 Dick Rogers

Top Hand

Left to Right: Dana Mayo, David Marquez, Derek Maxson, Vicki Albrecht, Mark Kraft, Marianne Wright, Ed Clinite. Not pictured: Clark Segerstrom and Jeff Sargo.
Left to Right: Dana Mayo, David Marquez, Derek Maxson, Vicki Albrecht, Mark Kraft, Marianne Wright, Ed Clinite. Not pictured: Clark Segerstrom and Jeff Sargo.

The Sonora Area Foundation exists to support our community and we proudly support the Mother Lode Roundup which is very important to Tuolumne County.

Mother Of The Year

Janie Bozworth - Mother of the Year
Janie Bozworth - Mother of the Year

Janie Bozworth Cabral was born in Whitter, CA. Her family moved to Tuolumne County when she was 6 years old. She attended Sonora Elementary (at the dome) and graduated from Sonora High. She grew up in rural life and was in 4-H and California High School Rodeo, CHSRA District 5.

She has her mother Betty Smith to thank for teaching her the country way of life and getting to grow up on a ranch gaining the knowledge of taking care and maintaining a variety of animals. Her love of horses stayed with her throughout her life and has passed on to her children. She proceeded to take her heart horse Candy Corn and daughter to California State Horsemen’s Association Region 4 shows. She has been at the Mother Lode Roundup every year either preparing a horse for her children, a rodeo queen or even the sheriff to ride through the parade.

When she was not getting kids and horses ready for a horse show, she was an escrow officer at Yosemite Title Company. Sixteen years ago she relocated to become an employee of the Tuolumne Mi-Wuk Tribal Council at Black Oak Casino, as an account analyst. She has been involved in Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce, Tuolumne County Women’s Networking, National Notary Association, Sonora Professional Association, California Escrow Association, California State Horsemen’s Association, and the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse and their Cowgirl Luncheon.

She is Mother of the Year because of her two amazing children who made it all possible. Son and Posseman Jeb Bozworth and his wife Kelli along with their children Eva and Colton. Daughter Kate Harrison and her husband Greg along with their children Brenden, Ellie and Loretta Mae, and her children’s friends who she has welcomed into her home with open arms.

I would like to thank the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Posse – It’s truly an honor to be chosen “ Mother of the Year” –

On behalf of my family and myself, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.”


1958 Grace McMahon
1959 Mrs. Olif Bahten
1960 Rose Sanguinetti
1961 Maria Madeline Sardella
1962 Grace Ellinwood
1963 Mrs. V.W. Bill West
1964 Lela Cavagnaro
1965 Hattie Hennington
1966 Mrs. Frank Keagy
1967 Mrs. Joe Opie
1968 Marie Popke
1969 Ethel Crawford
1970 Mrs. Carlo Sardella
1971 Mrs. Jessie May Martin
1972 Isabelle Wright
1973 Elizabeth Fraser
1974 Gladys Waddelow
1975 Angie Castle
1976 Helen Anderson
1977 Isabelle Wivell Harrington
1978 Peg McRae
1979 Ethey Kile

1980 Ginger McDow
1981 Katherine Keith
1982 Mildred Nizzoli
1983 Lee Sanguinetti
1984 Catherine Johnson
1985 Josephine Reibin
1986 Ruby Riedel
1987 Lillian Thomason
1988 Norie Fraser
1989 Gladys Meeks
1990 Sally Hadyn-Myer Thomas
1991 Niecie Thulin
1992 Elizabeth Josephine Cutler
1993 Mary Brennan
1994 Neva Marino
1995 Catherine E. “Bauer” Gray
1996 Dorothy Shaffer
1997 Lloyda Baker
1998 Betty Riede
1999 Ginny Van Bolt
2000 Patricia Williams
2001 Nell Sylva

2002 Frances Ann Gerdau
2003 Edwina Badley
2004 Joan Brackett
2005 Anna Marie Peterson
2006 Connie Archer-MacLean
2007 Wilma Lloyd
2008 Patricia O’Brien
2009 Pearl Opie
2010 Harriet Durnall
2011 LaVerne Flores
2012 Sharon Wivell
2013 Frankie Marshall Orpurt
2014 Jeanette Rogers
2015 Clete Stafford
2016 Maggi Whitman
2017 Toni Wivell
2018 Mary Ann Oliveira
2019 Stephanie Suess
2020 Margaret Egger
2021 Kathy Kile
2022 Tina Randy
2023 Elaine Wolfgang